Functional Medicine/Primary Care GP – Dementia Certified

Dr. Jo-ann Cousins-Simpson

An experienced physician in General & Functional Medicine who is committed to helping her patients understanding their medical concerns by going to the root cause and not merely treating the symptoms. Certified in Dementia Care Medicine by the prestigious Stirling University, and dedicated to help prevent and/or reverse Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Dr. Jo-Ann Cousins-Simpson is a well respected and well loved General Practitioner with over 15 years of experience. Her love and interest in the care of the elderly was ignited over eight years ago when she worked in the King Edward Memorial Hospital Geriatrics and Alzheimer’s services. Since that time, Dr Cousins-Simpson has provided quality care for her elderly patients in the general practice setting.

With a close Family member facing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, coupled with need to provide a more specialized care to both elderly patients and those suffering from dementia she has undertaken to do a Post-Graduate Certificate in Dementia studies from Stirling University in the UK.

Dr. Cousins-Simpson does not embrace the conventional wisdom that Alzheimer’s and Dementia is an inevitable old age diseases that cannot be prevented or cured, and therefore should be maintained with traditional medication until the patient succumbs to it. To the contrary, Dr. Cousins-Simpson is confident from her research and practice experience that Dementia can be prevented and/or reversed if caught early. This can be achieved through a balance of traditional and integrative medicine known as Functional Medicine.

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